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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Online content ... who really reads them thoroughly anymore?

Certainly not me, at least to the extent of fully digesting all the content contained within. I have a tendency to skip read most things on the internet, attempting to find exactly what it was that I was looking for when I clicked the link in the first place.

How do I ...?

Which usually takes me to an article, a post or a cooking website where not only do I have to dodge advertising bullets being thrown at me but I have to disseminate large amounts of fluff to get to the core of what it is that I am looking for. I just want to know what's the best T.V for me without getting a masters degree before I choose or learn what the cooking time for my roast should be. I'm in a hurry for an answer and don't have the patience to spare.

The only caveat to this is what I can only describe as 'meaningful reading.' As in, will it fuel your growth, tweak a nerve you never knew you had or irritate you to the point of curiosity.

And that's exactly what I am setting out to do right now .. with this blog and the webpage, to share the content that intrigues me and hopefully, perhaps you too.

There will be musings, reflections on the life I have lived and continue to experience and what and where that journey has taken me.

One of my passions in this life has been learning all about others, their stories, whether they be of success, failure, addiction, loss, sporting achievement or how to be anything it matters not for all of them have been on a journey. I can learn from that, I can be intrigued by it or I can be entertained by it but the very necessity for it in our lives is apparent to me ... we need stories.

In the seas of darkness one must navigate alone, yet guiding lights will abound you, guiding you along your journey.

This is my purpose here, to share what it is that I have been through, what my experience has taught me about this world and what potential that has for the future ... what you do with it is your own.


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