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#2. So where do we begin ...?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I actually thought of what I wanted to write before I thought about creating the blog, funny how things work out sometimes, but that was the way it was.

I'm still an avid fan of using pen and paper, under the firm belief that the process of doing it elicits some sort of connecti0n external of me in the ether. So every morning, after journaling, I sit myself down to 'practice' write with pen and pad.

'Practice' writing is just a way for me to sharpen my skills, to warm the mind up for the day. Most of the times the things I write are not noteworthy, they are things like reviewing a game or writing a paragraph and then re-writing it in all the other tenses. Its just practice.

But the other morning, when thinking of something fresh to write for the day, a memory of a pivotal moment in my life flashed inside my mind, coming to life in the same way your T.V does when you turn it on.

The Crash.

As soon as I thought of it a floodgate of ideas poured in and I knew I had something to say, something to share with others. The veritable journey that came before and after The Crash played over in my mind like a newsreel.

I was once someone else, then something completely out of my control happened, it changed me and now I am somebody else, becoming something else.

This journey is what I am going to share with you ...

It will form into three categories, which I will update periodically. They will be;

1. The Crash - Before, during and immediately after this major event.

2. The Change - Events, people, places - things that have slowly evolved me.

3. The Future - Where is this headed, why and where will it end.

I feel I have something meaningful to share, something that may even help others. So I am trying to connect the energy I feel flowing inside of me with the world external of me, creating something outside of myself for others.

Would you like to join me?

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